Sunday, July 29, 2007

a little slice of heaven

Well it happened. 2 1/2 weeks before our closing date we found ourselves a house. If you've been following my laments in the past over enduring 18 months of trying to sell our place, you'd understand what a big relief this is. I always knew in my heart of hearts that God had a plan and even though his timing wasn't preferable, it was productive. We will now have much more of a house than we dreamed of. We also got it for a very reasonable price. It's in an area with superb market value, so it's also an investment into our future. But the most important part is....I LOVE THE FREAKIN' HOUSE!!!!!!!! I love love love it!! Not more than my family or friends mind you, but it will be a fun place to live and enjoy friendships.

The house had been on the market since early spring, though I'm not sure exactly. Wendy, do you know? Anyways, nobody bit, so they had to lower their price...twice. We got it for $29,000 less than their first listing price. This is something that makes my hubby squeal with delight, which is great since he was not keen on the idea of moving at all 2 years ago when I first "presented" the idea to him. Now I catch him doing little dances of joy, over the house, and how great it is, and how everything worked out so well. We are truly humbled because it's more than we ever expected.

The location is so perfect it's not funny. Seriously. Easy peasy access to the highway, and walking distance to where all the action is, and most importantly, our bestest friends (who happened to have found the house for us in the first place!).

We get in the end of August. Here's a few pictures that were taken in early May (which around here looks like late March or early April where I come from). It looks like an autumn house, which is funny because I'm starting to think that's my favourite season...maybe.

That's all the peeking for now!


onelittlemustardseed said...

I love, love that house too! My mum loves that house and I can't tell you how many times we sighed driving by when we were out at our yard sales.

I know why it didn't sell, that little error on the listing...which I even had the agent call to tell Ron about...however, the mistake was there for YOU GUYS!!

Can't wait for you to move in!! Congratulations!

chriskauf said...

the photos on this here blog are much nicer than the earlier one you sent me, it is much nicer than I thought, I am happy you are happy.Its hard to see from pictures sometimes.

Heidi said...

Thanks guys!!! I'm SOOOO excited!!! Wendy, I know it all has to do with that unusual typo....what a story!!

One of these days, you will BOTH be sitting in my new kitchen...can't wait for that day!

restyled home said...

I love your new home and it has a lot of charm! I can't wait to see how you peel back all the layers and make it your own.

Happy day!!


Janice said...

I am SOOO happy for you! God's timing is best, even when it doesn't make sense to us!! The end of August will be here before you know it!
Oh, and the house looks lovely :-)

Heidi said...

Thanks Janice, I see myself knitting all OVER that house...many rooms for many baskets of projects! :o)

Gail Rhyno said...

I'm always jealous of new houses...we live in a very old house...and after 10years here, seem to still be trying to finish every room..blek. But, for some reason, I still love it. You must be soooo relieved (she says all the while knowing her selfish motive is to get her hands on some felted bags) and I'm glad for you. Good luck in your new home. Looks like the yard is nice too...some landscaping started...I love gardening. Don't have a clue what I'm doing when I'm out planting, but whatever...when you own the yard you can do whatever the heck you want! Have fun.

Jill said...

It will be madcool to have you in the neighborhood, I hope we can do neighborly things.I have a painters book of colours you can I see you been thinkin on paint.

Shelley said...

The house looks wonderful! So glad things are going well for you in the moving department.

The house next door to ours was for sale for quite some time. The first time they went with one particular real estate agency, but you never saw anyone come look at the house...well, maybe one or two people did. Someone from the agency would stop by from time to time to check on things I guess, but other than the one or two couples who looked at the house, no one came by. Then, they changed to another realtor and had a lot more people stop by to look at the house, but again no one bit. I think the problem was that they had the price too high and must not have wanted to ask anything less, which is a shame because they ended up losing it - the bank took it from them because they couldn't make the payments (I should say that by this time they had moved to Calgary and that could also have been a factor...they weren't there to bug the realtor or whatever). Someone has the house now (though I don't recall ever seeing a sold sign on it) and is renting it out. The weird thing is that the house across the street from this one was also for sale for part of the time the one beside us was, and the one across the street sold in a week or two (different real estate agency).

Heidi said...

Thanks Shelley! We're really pleased with how it all worked out, and that we pursued that house AFTER they dropped the price twice. We never even looked at it until the price came down. In the end though, it really sold for less than what it was probably worth, but by then interest had dropped. Once it's on the house for too long, people get leary.

Worked well for us though! :o)