Saturday, March 29, 2008

finally picked some paint colours

I've finally found my living room colour. I was going to go for a grey-blue but I think it would have fenced me in decoratively speaking. I was flipping through my vast collection of paint chips and found a Glidden paint colour called "Ionic Green". Turns out it's a colour on Sarah Richardson's list of all-time favourites, her signature pallette as she calls it. I guess I have great taste, LOL!

Here's where she used it in a kitchen, though all you can really see here is the wall over the window. It's a very neutral colour:

I went around with the paint chip and no matter what piece of painted furniture I held it up against, it didn't clash. I found the opposite problem with any blue paint chip. Everything seemed to clash! See the grey/green piece below? It so goes with the Ionic Green.

I've also chosen the colour for the dining room called "Chelsea Fog". Strange thing is it's another colour that Sarah Richardson uses. Damn I'm good. :oP

Here it is being used on the cabinets. Yes, it's a very pale blue but happens to compliment my grey/green dresser in that room.

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chriskauf said...

You came back , great inspiration.