Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tonic Living fabric samples on their way

Late last night I was determined to choose and order some fabric samples from Tonic Living. It's my interior designer sister over at Just Beachy that put me on to them. They offer "a fresh collection of retro inspired fabrics for the designers, diy-ers, craftsters and collectors".

This first sample is a possible candidate for embellishing a retro 1970's record album holder cabinet. Yes, I mean a piece of furniture and not the kind that is upholstered. I have a plan and who knows if it'll work. Should be interesting. It's a slight departure from what I would usually choose, but I'm trying to learn to expand my horizons and not default to what seems safe.

This next sample is even more of a deviation from my personal status quo. I'm thinking of introducing this pattern into the dining room by reupholstering the chair below. My inspiration comes from perusing photos of furniture makeovers over at Design*Sponge. Oh how I drool and swoon over the stuff over there.

A big thanks to my sister for letting me know about such a great and affordable online resource for diy'ers! Their prices are affordable and their shipping costs are just as impressive.

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Sandy Toes said...

Great fabrics!

sandy toe