Thursday, February 4, 2010

thermostat in middle of wall

I've been trying to figure out my gallery wall for behind my couch. A gallery wall is the perfect solution to my problem on this wall. Can you see what is right smack dab in the middle of that wall? It's a freaking thermostat! How incredibly dumb is that!!

In the first photo, I had a small white frame taped with painter's tape stuck on the wall. I realized that I would do better with using a bit of a larger frame. This de-emphasizes it, at least I hope it does. Using a larger frame enabled me to re-arrange frames around it, using less frames and eliminating all the small ones. I think the second arrangement is much nicer.

I'm going to do something with the thermostat itself though. My daughter guessed right when I asked her to guess what I would do. She said "pop art?". I think I might make that old thing look like a print itself. I see a robot face when I look at it, but we'll see. Whatever I do, the thing needs the air to circulate around it so it senses the temperature in the room. Some day we'll have the darn thing moved to the doorway!



Now to figure out what colours the frames will be. I think all black would be too harsh and formal for my taste, and all white would be too predictable. I'm going to mix it up.

All I need now is more art to put in the frames!

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