Wednesday, August 29, 2007

sears lighting, and killing time

It's Wednesday evening, and it's 2 more sleeps until we move. So of course the time is crawling by, and it's driving me batty.

I'm at the Sears website checking out lighting fixtures. The house we're buying needs some lights updated. So I thought I'd have some fun posting pics of the ones I'm admiring.

This one has seagrass shades, which I love. I love it because it's a natural organic element. This one is $129.99tx. I'm thinking for our dining room. It may be too big though, our dining room is only 10 x 10.

This one may be installed at 9, 21, 33 or 45" heights. I'm thinking for the kitchen, mounted at the shortest height. I'm hoping the 9" includes the light itself. A great price at $54.99tx.

Whoops, I guess that's it for chandelier types. Oh well, that killed about 7 minutes. ;o)


Stephanie said...

Do you have a Lowe's nearby? I bought those chandelier shades yesterday for $1.49 each!(U.S.) They have quite a few lamps and shades on clearance.

Heidi said...

Darn, no Lowe's around here!

chriskauf said...

Isn't tomorrow is the big day, oh finally you can putter around , feel overwhelmed by all the things to be unpacked, good thing you have forever to do it, and you don't have to try and sell it just make it your own.
I will want to see lots and lots of posts about it,many many pictures.