Thursday, August 2, 2007

ugly fireplace

Look at this thing. I adore our new house, which we take possession of August 31st. There's just one thing that really bugs me. The propane fireplace. I've let go of the fact that it's a natural gas stove, and not a "real" fireplace for lovely crackling wood fires. :o( I won't miss the mess and the soot though. But this fireplace is UGLY! And so not a colour that is condusive to my taste.

Look at this idea below. It's from none other than my brilliant sister, an unofficial interior (and exterior) designer. She took into consideration our lack of funds. Check out her link on the right side of this page, called 'Just Beachy' (yes I'm too lazy to do it right here!). Some day she'll be official for sure. Thanks sis, for giving me hope!


restyled home said...

Great idea!! You would probably be cheaper for you to fly Chris down and have her do your reno jobs for you. Then just ply her with a juicy Winners/Homesense card as payment. Visit, renos, all tidied up in one package!! LOL

I'm only half kidding...!!!

Heidi said...

Actually, I like that idea!!!

chriskauf said...

I would love to come and help & do it , this is all fun building new things.Making not so pretty really pretty is my game.
If only it were that easy for me to get away.
Sounds nice a get away.
And awe shucks your so kind to me, putting my drawing up and all.

Jill said...

Something in your house thats ugly is rarely a problem, its a corner of potential beauty. Most of my favorite spots in our home, are areas we made over to suit. I absolutely love that time before starting something, when I'm considering all the possibilities. You know,that thirty minute window, after you have gathered up all the exciting options,and before you count the cost!