Thursday, August 23, 2007

what's my style??

I'm having a style identity crisis!! My previous house was very cottagey. I'm not so sure that's really a good reflection of me and i've suddenly realized that i feel the need to reinvent myself through this new house. Moving into a new place is a great chance to do that, providing you can recycle your old stuff through paint or modification.

I've found the perfect couch and love seat at Leons, and i'm sooooo tickled that my hubby has actually agreed to buy them. Yay for delayed payments!

So, now i have the fun of searching out pictures of interiors that make me stop and go hmmmm. Here are some at pottery barn that did just that, though i require a definite touch of eclecticism, and more splashes of colour. I think i'm seeing a


chriskauf said...

I almost missed this post, that's nice to change your style with each house , I have with every move,you seem to be leaning to very organic...and earthy, but those painted pieces , those will lighten the look up , making it more youthfull , not stuffy. I look forward to seeing it all come into place, and seeing you transform this house into your dream.

Heidi said...

ya, i've just come to realize my style isn't shabby chic, or floral, or feminine, it's more eclectic if anything. it'll be fun to see it come together.

Heidi said...

ha, i said i'm not into florals, and yet i recently bought a gorgeous cheerful green and cream lap quilt at winners that is....floral!! oh i guess i like a few girly things. ;o)

chriskauf said...

Hey the bench in the photo with the rush seat from pottery barn , we saw it tonight, I think that is our bench.

onelittlemustardseed said...

Love the pottery barn look of these photos...I definitely am eclectic...I don't even know if I have a style!

I think the problem is that there are to many styles around to settle on one look...or at least that is my problem!