Monday, September 7, 2009

gallery walls

i've loved this photo for years

I still have gallery walls on my mind. In a new decorating mag I recently bought, they showed a room makeover where they made a gallery wall with thrifted frames spray painted white for continuity. Spray adhesive was used to make new custom mats using bristle board and linen. I don't know if I'd be so inclined to have it be that "predictable" since I'm an eclectic girl at heart. Somehow I need to start amassing a collection of cool little images to scatter all over a wall.

It's actually pretty difficult to find gallery walls that are well done. Here are a few over at Flickr that are interesting (beware-o flickr...I nearly got "lost" in a sea of decorating groups I could barely resist I need another reason to get online more than I should!):

here @ flickr

here @ flickr


another neat idea


LOVE this image!!

Okay, I MUST step away from the 'puter and do something more productive than drool over interior shots at Flickr!

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Elizabeth (blue clear sky) said...

Hello Heidi/Chris's sister. Thanks for sharing the gallery wall pics, some great ideas there. Off to check out more of your posts.
Elizabeth in Ontario, Canada