Monday, September 28, 2009

a little vignette

I was going to paint this jelly cupboard* a new colour to spruce it up. It was looking kinda boring against my pale green wall. I spontaneously dug out my cherished antique tool chest** and placed all this stuff on top of it and now the jelly cupboard looks quite grand!

To me it kinda says "country", which isn't my goal, so I'll just consider it my little homage to beach cottage style.

* this was found in the basement of an old farmhouse we were renting while we had our previous house built. It was an aqua blue but not a nice aqua blue. It also stunk and had mouse poop in it. I had a vision for it though and we offered to buy it from the owner of the house. We paid a whopping $60 for it. I love the thing.

** this was on the covered porch of the formerly mentioned farm house, partially cover in snow!!! I asked to purchase it but they just gave it to us. Sweeeeeet!!!!

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