Tuesday, September 1, 2009

inspiration for dining room makeover

This is my first polyvore, so don't laugh. My dining room walls are about that colour, and we're in the process of doing DIY recessed paneling. That's what the "thing" is behind the dresser, in case you were wondering. I already have a grey'ish dresser in there too. I'd want wicker chairs that are a leeetle more subtle in colour, but I do like the punch of happy green. The thing that scares me the most is securing a decent sized area rug that isn't hundreds of dollars, let alone ONE hundred dollars. I have a table I need to paint black, and I'll need to track down 4 chairs as I no longer like the ones that came with the table.

It's fun to create a vision for what I want to accomplish, even though it'll be a slow process.

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Chris said...

Oh I LOVEEEE it , it is gorgeous.