Friday, September 25, 2009

new white lamps!

Jon bought us some new lamps. Goodness knows we need more lighting around here. I espied these 2 lamps at Winners/HomeSense a couple weeks ago. We went there yesterday and lo and behold they were still there. Musta been waiting for us.

My hubby bought them as a thank you for my hard work in bring home extra bacon (figuratively speaking) from my new part time job. We've been able to use my paycheques to pay some bills. Yay!

The shades are a stark white, which would work great for some interiors, but my creamy coloured couches clash with said shades.

The bases on the other hand are dreamy. When I first saw them, I ran my hands all over their nubbly glass surface. Divine! They have what I assume is acrylic bases which add a touch of contemporary'ness.

My plan is to recover the shades in a neutral light brown tone. To that I will add some white or pale ecru embroidery of some sort. A pillow in this month's copy of Canada's Style at Home magazine provides the inspiration for that idea. I snagged some $5 per meter fabric in our local fabric store's big clearance section today which will be perfect.

Though the shade of brown in this pillow is much darker than the fabric I chose, and the embroidery isn't what I'd choose to mimic, it gives a general idea of what I'm thinking. Should be a fun project!


Chris said...

Love them

Chris said...

you should come and visit , we would find some ggreat things together .